Bolt Battery is manufactured by using the proprietary electrolyte of liquid low sodium silicate compound, cell electrode structure, material composition and battery manufacturing processes. Bolt battery has successfully overcome the drawbacks of lead-acid batteries used since the 70’s, such as acid corrosion, acid mist pollution, low energy density & power density, and short life span. Bolt’s newly designed neutral electrolyte does not corrode the electrodes hence prolonging the battery cycle life.

Bolt Battery has a universally recognized edge over commonly used lead-acid batteries nowadays in the world, due to its high temperature performance and fast charging capability. VRLA batteries in general lose around 50% of cycle life for every 8oC increase in temperature above 25oC where Bolt batteries only lose around 20%. Bolt batteries are also functional with full capacity at temperature above 40oC where most VRLA batteries lose capacity due to dry out. For fast charging capability, Bolt batteries can be recharged to 90% capacity within 60 minutes with high current charger.

Bolt‘s other advantages include small internal resistance and low self discharge rate. Also there is no pollution and temperature rise during charging and operations, therefore isolation is not required for gas emission, saving construction costs in many applications.

Bolt Batteries’ application range includes telecommunication systems, utility applications, UPS systems, data center machineries, solar and wind power energy systems and other backup applications.