Extreme Performance

Extreme high and low temperature performance: -40oC to +70oC with minimum loss on charging cycles during temperature rise

High Durability

Highly durable at temperature over 35oC


Fast Charging

Fast charging of 90% capacity within 60 minutes

Specific Energy

Higher specific energy, around 30%-50% more capacity in terms of Wh/kg


Low Self Discharge Rate

Low self discharge rate, around 20% every 2 years under ambient temperature of 25oC

Long Cycle Life

Long cycle life: 3,000 - 5,000 charging cycles for telecom & standby use


Charging Characteristics

Superb charging characteristics - no memory effect and can withstand high current charging and discharging

Voltage Restriction

No minimum discharge voltage restriction allowing charging capacity at all time without initial discharging procedure


No Corrosion

No corrosion and no pollution

Low Internal Resistance

Low internal resistance


No Acid Mist Emission

No acid mist emission during charging and discharging


Maintenance free

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