BT Series – Telecom, UPS and Standby Use


General Features

  • Proprietary electrolyte does not corrode the electrodes hence increases capacity and prolong battery charging cycles
  • High charging capability with no memory effect, can endure high current charging (10-20C for more than 50 cycles) and discharging (30C for 8 seconds)
  • Fast charging available with 90% recharged within 60 minutes
  • Excellent performance at high temperature of over +35oC and can withstand high temperature of up to +70oC
  • Extreme temperature enduring performance: -40 oC to +70 oC
  • Long storage time with low self discharge rate: around 20% every 2 years
  • No acid mist emission during charging and discharging
  • Maintenance free
  • Perfect for industrial use, fork lifts, motorcycles and scooters, golf carts, electric vehicles etc



  • Industrial use, forklifts and material handling machineries
  • Electric vehicles, cars, trucks and buses
  • Golf carts
  • Electric scooters and motorcycles
  • Boats and yachts
  • Railway locomotive
  • Riding floor scrubbers


Dimensions and Weight


Rated Capacity