BOLT BATTERY is the official export brand of silicone power battery, specializes in manufacturing long cycled, highly durable telecom, standby, alternative energy power and traction batteries.
Bolt Battery, with manufacturing arm Jinmen Yu yang in China, owns the patent of manufacturing silicone power battery in the world. The proprietary patented electrolyte of liquid low sodium silicate compound is near neutralized in nature hence does not have any corrosion or pollution during manufacturing or operations. It is also because of this nature that silicone power battery has been awarded the highest industrial environmental protection award – the Certificate of China Green Star in 2010, acknowledging the green nature and contribution of our environmental friendly batteries.
At Bpolt, we understand the importance of quality; therefore we invested a lot of resources in advanced production facilities and R&D equipments. With over 10 years of expertise, our experienced R&D group and engineers work hard to ensure the highest quality of Bolt batteries. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 and STD certified for our quality control system.
Bolt will continue to improve the environmental friendly batteries and together we can make the world a better place.